Om Inner Strength

This class is divided into three different parts that flows together:
Core, Gymnastics and Yoga.

In the first part, you will find the inner control from core and functional training, which includes basic movements and positions. In the second part, you will challenge your strength, speed and body control using different techniques from gymnastics. A flowing yoga sequence at the end of the class will get you focused and relaxed. The class is 45 min, but you can choose to end your class with a meditation, seated or laying down on your back to get a 55-60 min class.

Om Maria Olofsson

Nike Master trainer, instructor and international presenter from Sweden. Business coach for startups, project manager for tech startups, founder and co-founder of fitness concepts such as Core Control, Barre move and Inner Strength. Offer Instructor trainings in dance, step, core, barremove and more. Focusing on communication and presentation skills.

I samband med Träningsfesten arrangerar vi en 1-dags instruktörsutbildning i Inner Strength med grundaren tillika Nike Master Trainer Maria Olofsson. Utbildningen ger dig grunden för att köra klasser i konceptet. Passar dig som vill bli instruktör eller dig som vill addera ännu en klass till din repertoar. 


Du som bokar både instruktörsutbildningen och helgbiljett till Träningsfesten får rabatt! Du betalar då 2495kr för utbildning och 695 kr för helgbiljetten. Ordpris 2995 kr + 895kr. Du sparar 700 kronor.


Kontakta oss när du bokat utbildningen för att få din rabattkod!

Träningsfesten arrangeras av:


Amanda Matti AB


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